Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Reduce stress

Hi, still game on with me??
Okay, now I will continue talking about the benefits of learning martial arts.

The picture of stress level 

First benefit of learning martial arts is you can control your stress level.
For your information, learning martial arts can reduce your level of stress. 

But how??

When we feel stress or exhausted, we should do something else that we like in order to reduce the stress. So, doing martial arts is one of the ways.
When we learn martial arts such as hapkido or taekwando, most of the time we have to deal with kicking, punching and etc. So, while doing it, do it to the fullest. Do it with full of strength or certain people they regard doing that as a hobby or for fun only so that they will enjoy it.

“Many psychologists have proven through research, the affirmative correlations between lower stress levels and traditional training in Taekwondo. Taekwondo helps in reducing stress by giving you better control over your breath” (TryATA, 2015).

Once again, how??? It’s like this…

Stress will affects the human condition of mind. So, when we doing the breathing activity, it brings about a connection with the body and mind and gain control of it. And this will help to lower down your stress.      

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