Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flexibility and endurance

The last benefit that I want to highlight is flexibility and endurance.

The picture of flexibility 

The picture of endurance

When someone is practicing martial arts, for sure they will have a very good sense of flexibility and endurance towards something. They are always doing the stretching and warm up thing. So, their body had used with the flexibility exercise. Basically, they won’t have many problems with the body’s flexibility.

They are also always being exposed towards something that is involving violence or harsh action. So through that, they are having quite enough experience in enduring the pain physically and mentally. Most of the people will think that someone who learns martial arts will be more exposed with the physical pain. But actually it’s not true because they are also a human too. When they continue practicing martial arts, they will learn on how to endure the mental pain. It’s true, at first they will feel it’s hard to endure with problems that relates with mental and heart, but sooner or later they are being used with it as they are practicing it every day.      

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