Monday, 31 August 2015

Silat Gayung

Happy 58th Independence Day everyone…
Today, there are many places that celebrate Independence Day with many styles. The most important thing is they are using their own way for the remembrance of the most historical day for Malaysian. And one of the ways that I saw this morning is through Silat instead of marching from various uniform units.

So, last time I talked about the history of Silat as a whole but today I would like to tell all of you about the styles or commonly known as the types of Silat that we have all over the world especially in Malaysia.
The first type of Silat is Silat Seni Gayung. This is the commonly heard by the Malaysian.

According to Wikipedia (2015), Seni Gayong was originated from the Bugis People of Sulawesi and was called silat sendi harimau and the system utilized the tiger claw technique to lock opponents' joints. The Bugis prince Daeng Kuning, descended from a long line of warriors, brought the style to the Peninsular Malaysia. It was eventually passed down to his great-grandson Meor Abdul Rahman. The teaching of Seni Gayong was once restricted to relatively few students under each master. In 1942, Meor Abdul Rahman taught Seni Gayong publicly in Sudong island, Singapore when the locals feared an attack by the Japanese. He was inherit the art from his father, Dato Meor Abdul Rahman eventually founded Malaysia's first martial arts association, Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia. It was and still remains the method of unarmed combat taught to the Royal Malaysia Police force.

The picture of Silat Gayung

The picture of Silat Gayung's logo

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