Friday, 28 August 2015


   Assalamualaikum and a happy day I bid to one and all. I'm Adlina from DEC5C. 

   So, my objectives of doing this blog are : 
    1) To give awareness to the people especially women to learn martial arts in     order to protect themselves from something dangerous 
    2) To tell people that martial arts is not only about violence but it has many benefits. 

    Usually, people will view martial art as a bad influence to them and it is not suitable for women because they think it is a rough sport and will bring harm to them especially for women and children. All this while, they were being influenced by the society of the evil side of martial arts. But in contrary, martial arts bring more benefits than the bad influence.

     What is martial arts? 

"Any of several forms of fighting and self - defence that are widely practiced as sports" (Merriam Webster, 2015). 

The picture of Jujitsu

The picture of Pencak Silat

The picture of Hapkido


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