Thursday, 3 September 2015


Alhamdulillah, finally I'm successfully finishing my blog. After going through a lot of hardship for a fortnight, I can relax now. Eventhough I'm a beginner in this field, but I'm trying my best to fulfill all your needs. It's all for your satisfaction eventhough it's not like what I want it to be. I'm trying my best to make it as interesting and full of useful information as I can for you to read and gain knowledge. 

At first, I felt that doing this blog thingy was very hard and I don't really like it. But then, when I'm trying to explore about it by searching for tutorial from the internet and my friends also, I find it very impressive. Actually, we can do anything with this blog. We can dedicated or sharing the information with other people around the world with the end of our fingertip. It's whether you want to do it or not, your will. Finally, I hope that you guys can understand and believe that martial arts are not about violence only and has many benefits. That's all from me, till we meet again in the next blog. Insyaallah.. Bye *waving hands* 

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