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Okay, this time I will talk about other martial art that is very popular in the most country that I like which is Korea, anyeonghaseyo~~~
This martial art is commonly known to the Korean and widely known to the world.

The picture of Hapkido's founder

The picture of steps in Hapkido

The picture of Hapkido's logo

The Hapkido's background started when...

Choi Yong Sul, the founder of Hapkido, was born in the town of Yong Dong, Choong Chung Province, South Korea in 1904. In 1909 Korea came under Japanese occupation. It is believed that Japanese troops took Choi from his homeland at the age of seven to be assigned to work in Japan. It was a very common practice, at this period of history, for the Japanese occupying forces to relocate young male Korean children to Japan for various types of labor.

“Choi remained with Takeda for thirty years until Takeda's death. Relieved of his duties, Choi returned to Korea. Choi's first student was a successful brewery manager named, Suh, Bok Sup. Prior to his study with Choi he had been awarded a 1st Dan Black Belt in Judo, under the direction of Korean Judo instructor, Choi, Yong Ho. In February of 1948, the twenty-four year old Suh witnessed Choi, who was then in his forties, get into a fight with several men. Choi rapidly devastated his opponents. Impressed with his technique, Suh summoned Choi to his office and inquired as to his style. This meeting eventually lead to Suh hiring Choi, who had previously been a poor rice cake seller and hog farmer since his return to Korea. Choi would teach Suh for several years privately, eventually also became a bodyguard for Suh's father, Suh, Dong Jin” (Shaw, 2004).

Suh Bok Sup became Choi’s assistant and helped him open his first school of self -defense, which was established in February of 1951. He also became Choi’s first Black Belt. Due to Suh's advanced understanding of Judo, Suh lent some of this knowledge to the system which later became known as Hapkido. Many of the basic sleeve grabs, shoulder grabs, and throws were used in Hapkido. 

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