Monday, 31 August 2015


Welcome back guys!

       As the second martial arts that I choose is Pencak silat. Now, hearing about silat you guys must be thinking that it is only from Malaysia right, our tradition sport or martial arts? Maybe yes, maybe not. Well, most of the time it will be yes.

Actually you are WRONG people!! Now, members of the floor,do you guys want to know why I said so??

Okay, here it is..

      According to Wikipedia (2015) "The oral history of Indonesia begins with the arrival of Aji Saka (king) from India to Java. At the request of the local people, he successfully killed the ogre king of Medang Kamulan in battle and took his place as a ruler. This story traditionally marks the rise of Java and the dawn of its Dharmic civilisation. Aji Saka is shown to be a fighter and swordsman". 

So, basically the founder of Pencak Silat is Aji Saka, an Indian king who came to Java to become the ruler of Indonesia. By the way he fought with Medang Kamulan's king, people figure it out as silat. 

The picture of silat

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