Thursday, 3 September 2015


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Alhamdulillah, finally I'm successfully finishing my blog. After going through a lot of hardship for a fortnight, I can relax now. Eventhough I'm a beginner in this field, but I'm trying my best to fulfill all your needs. It's all for your satisfaction eventhough it's not like what I want it to be. I'm trying my best to make it as interesting and full of useful information as I can for you to read and gain knowledge. 

At first, I felt that doing this blog thingy was very hard and I don't really like it. But then, when I'm trying to explore about it by searching for tutorial from the internet and my friends also, I find it very impressive. Actually, we can do anything with this blog. We can dedicated or sharing the information with other people around the world with the end of our fingertip. It's whether you want to do it or not, your will. Finally, I hope that you guys can understand and believe that martial arts are not about violence only and has many benefits. That's all from me, till we meet again in the next blog. Insyaallah.. Bye *waving hands* 

Kang Gary and Akiyama


#4 Kang Hee Gun

The picture of Gary

He is a rapper in the hip-hop duo LeeSsang with his partner named Gil, a songwriter, record producer, television producer, a former break dancer, a restaurant owner and a cast member of the variety show "Running Man.

He also majored in specialized security at Yong In University, learning martial arts. He has been an amateur boxer for ten years and has an eighth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

This is the last famous person that involves in martial arts that I want to talk about. 

#5 Yoshihiro Akiyama

The picture of Akiyama

Yoshihiro Akiyama also known as Choo Sung-hoon is a South Korean-Japanese mixed martial artist and judoka

Akiyama won the gold medal at the 2001 Asian Championships for South Korea, and for Japan at the 2002 Asian Games

He is also a fourth-generation Japanese of Korean descent, he acquired Japanese nationality in 2001. He is the former K-1 HERO's Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament Champion.

Madonna and Jackie Chan

The second famous person who learn martial arts is... 

#2 Madonna

The picture of Madonna

She is a singer with many number one songs and amazing performances. She is a pop culture icon eventhough she is in her late 40’s.

How she can involve in the martial arts?  

She decided to start training during the early 2000s when her husband at the time, Guy Ritchie, suggested she give karate a shot as part of her legendary fitness and body maintenance routines” (The Richest, 2014).

Next person is...

#3 Jackie Chan

The picture of Jackie 

Jackie Chan is an entertainer, film director and a Chinese actor in action movies. His movies always become a blockbuster.

Chan’s parents worked for the French ambassador to Hong Kong and were poor. They gave him a chance at a better life by enrolling him in the Chinese Opera Research Institute at the age of seven, where he spent decade training for the Peking Opera. He learned martial art and acrobatics with an entertainment focus while there” (Rousseau, 2015).

Famous person that practice martial arts

Aloha.. Today I will talk about the famous persons that practice martial arts. I will try to convince all of you until you believe me those martial arts don’t bring harm to human being and has many benefits.

#1 Paul Walker

The picture of Paul 

Do you guys know who Paul Walker is??? Well, I bet most of you will know a little bit about him through his acting in the movies such as Fast and Furious.
Well said that he is one of the famous persons that practice martial arts.  

“He held a brown belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller at Paragon Jiu-Jitsu and was awarded with his black belt by Miller posthumously” (Wikipedia, 2015). 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flexibility and endurance

The last benefit that I want to highlight is flexibility and endurance.

The picture of flexibility 

The picture of endurance

When someone is practicing martial arts, for sure they will have a very good sense of flexibility and endurance towards something. They are always doing the stretching and warm up thing. So, their body had used with the flexibility exercise. Basically, they won’t have many problems with the body’s flexibility.

They are also always being exposed towards something that is involving violence or harsh action. So through that, they are having quite enough experience in enduring the pain physically and mentally. Most of the people will think that someone who learns martial arts will be more exposed with the physical pain. But actually it’s not true because they are also a human too. When they continue practicing martial arts, they will learn on how to endure the mental pain. It’s true, at first they will feel it’s hard to endure with problems that relates with mental and heart, but sooner or later they are being used with it as they are practicing it every day.      

Good self - discipline

Hi, now I will talk about the second benefit in learning martial arts which is developing good self - discipline.

Actually, by doing martial arts people will eventually develop a good self – discipline.

Why I said so?

It is because we can see that the people who are involving themselves in martial arts will develop a very good self – discipline through many aspects such as time management, their behavioral and so on.

The picture of clock

They will have the characteristics of a matured people at their age like they will be punctual, keep their promises, act as supposedly according to the current condition, be a responsible person and etc. By all of this, we can say that people who learn martial arts are developing their self – discipline because not all people can do like that. They have their own standard behavior.