Monday, 31 August 2015

Silat Bakti Negara

This is the last type of silat which exist in Indonesia, Silat Bakti Negara.

“Bakti Negara was officially created on 31 January 1955 in Banjar Kaliungu Kaja of Denpasar, Bali by four freedom-fighters who were veterans in Indonesia's struggle for independence from the Dutch” (Malay Fighting Arts, n.d.). 

The picture of Silat Bakti Negara's logo

The picture of jurus Silat Bakti Negara

 The four freedom – fighters were Anak Agung Rai Tokir, I Bagus Made Rai Keplag, Anak Agung Meranggi and Sri Empu Dwi Tantra. The task of leading and managing Bakti Negara was given to Ida Bagus Oka Dewangkara.
This silat is a combination of older Java’s silat and the modern foreign martial arts such as hapkido, taekwando and so on.

Stay tuned with me because next I will talk about hapkido. ^^

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